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I am proud to tell others I work here
My job provides me with a sense of personal accomplishment
I would prefer to remain with this company even if a comparable job were available in another company
Taking everything into account, how satisfied are you with your current job?
I am willing to put in a great deal of effort beyond what is expected to help my workgroup succeed


Demonstrates genuine concern for me as a person
I consistently acquire new knowledge, skills or understanding through contact with my supervisor. He helps me growing my compete
Listens and takes into account all ideas and do his best to put in place the best of these
I believe the information that I get from the person I report to.


I'm efficient at work and my achievements are successful
I have enough work
I mostly work on value-added tasks for the company, the products or the services

Continuous Improvement

My work contributes towards the continuous improvement of the company, our services or products
What I did several months ago is still of use to the company, the services or the products today
Overall, I believe the quality of products and/or services my workgroup delivers is improving
Our workgroup identifies and reduces waste of time in our activities and processes


I know the company's values and live them
My best achievements have been communicated to the community, internally or to customers


Actions by Executive management show genuine interest in the well-being of employees
I have the same opportunity to succeed as others with similar experiences, performance and educational background
Compared to similar jobs in other companies where I could work, my total compensation...
I understand the company strategy and how my workgroup supports it

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